Elizabeth lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with her husband and cat.


In addition to her life-long art studies, Elizabeth majored in Anthropology and participated in an archeological excavation of a 1,000-year-old Pueblo site in Colorado. She has traveled extensively to developing countries to further explore her interest in diverse cultures and practices understanding traditions in a modern context. Bhutan, Laos, Kashmire, and Tunisia are a few of the places she has visited. Elizabeth’s academic concentration on cultural and creative practices of Native American groups helped her build an awareness of the power dynamic in cultural appropriation and how to express diversity while respecting cultural boundaries. Cultural diversity and awareness informs her art. 


Her favorite colors are coral-orange and cobalt blue. She loves cats, iguanas, doughnuts, mesquite sage desert air, and coral reefs. She is not a fan of Mayonnaise. 


Her home is filled with art by family and friends, textiles (from her travels, flea markets and roadside finds), and some musical instruments that are played occasionally.