Deborah lives with her husband James and their Chiweenie Pablo in (and often between) New York City and a small mountain town in New Mexico. She studied art and anthropology and right after art school got a grant and spent a year painting tiny wooden toys and listening to a thousand stories with a family of toy-makers in Northern India. This experience and further travels into the big world of people and ideas shapes how she thinks, works, lives, and teaches.


She spends a lot of time pondering the complexities of nature and imagining the curious interplay between talking animals and observant children. When she’s not making pictures or cooking up ideas and stories, she can be found teaching creative workshops, poking around bookshops and museums, road-tripping, and caring for dogs, people and gardens. She especially enjoys nighttime, and giving most objects eyes, especially the rocks, leaves, and acorns she inadvertently shoves in her pockets. She aims to create playful funny things that express new ways of seeing the world and our roles in it.

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