Week Six Assignment: An Appealing Cover

Illustrating a eye catching cover is the most important illustration for your book. Imagine a picture book wall in a store and all of the covers face out. Print out your cover and take it to a book store to see it in relation to the other covers. Squint your eyes and see how your cover would look at a distance.

Assignment: Design your book cover. Consider what 

1) It's nice if your title is not too long. Generally, the type should be designed so the title is clear and readable. Of course there are exceptions to this rule: such as Chicken, Soup, Boots by Maira Kalman. 

2) It's good if the cover stands out when seen at a distance.

3) Color, contrast, and composition can be used to make a cover engaging.

Here are samples of interesting covers and why they work. Have fun!! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations! 


I hope you enjoyed this lesson.


Kristen | Brooklyn, NY 

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