Getting Pitch Ready Day Twelve: Reaching Out to Your Editor

Let's say that your publisher is one of those publishers that only likes to work with agents: By now you know the editor at that publishing house, you know what books they have worked on, and that your book would fit on their list. And that editor has become a little familiar with your name from liking and commenting on their Facebook posts or instagram posts. You can send a friendly short email to the editor complimenting them on the books of theirs you like and that you have a project if they would like to take a look. They will often say yes, send it along. In this case I send an email with a pdf of my book dummy. 

Here is an example of an email that I wrote:

Hi Editor's name,

I would love to share with you a project called The River if you're still interested in taking a look. I've just returned from a two week artist's residency in Mexico where I worked on this project and I have plans to return there to finish it.

I would be happy to send a pdf of the book by way of wetransfer.

My best,


I often will attach a small jpeg illustration from the project to make the person interested. | Brooklyn, NY 

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